Thursday, 25 January 2018

Wings to fly

Wings to Fly

Children should have enough freedom to be themselves once they have learned the rules.
It is not what you do for your children,
But what you have taught them to do for themselves,
That will make them successful human beings.

You all have heard about a boy and caterpillar story. Boy likes the beautiful caterpillar and kept him at his home and daily feed him leaves and fruits. One day caterpillar went under metamorphosis, boy was excited that caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly. But when the day came and caterpillar tried to came out. This overly concerned boy helped him in coming out and rest is the history. That caterpillar never had beautiful wings to fly instead he had swollen wings with which he can’t fly.
Same thing will happen with our child or children if we not give them their share of freedom and struggle. They will not learn how to make their own decisions. They will resist to take risk or raise their voice in life. They will not learn how to cope up with the problems.
Give them freedom, trust their instincts. They will out pass your inhibitions. Freedom doesn’t means to just let them go out with friends and party, Freedom means the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.

Freedom from Unnecessary Competition: Today’s era is an era of competition. To survive in this world, one has to continuously compete with the others. Everyone is running in this rat race, and want to be ahead of others. Parents are forcing their children to be the part of this unhealthy competition.  To satisfy their own ego, they want to showcase their children in the society. Nowadays if you visit your relatives or friend and if they have small kid in their house, the moment you enter their home they start glorifying their kid. Baby sing a rhyme, show your dance move, show them your awards.

Freedom from Biasness: Even after 70 years of independence, biasness is still prevailing in our society. Biasness related to gender, caste, creed, color and so many other things.
I want my kid to feel free from all kind of biasness, he should never judge anyone on the basis of their gender, color and caste. I have seen kids especially girls are get judged by their looks and color of their skin. So many commercials are running on television promoting the fairness not only for girls but for boys also. People’s credibility and intelligence is now getting judge by their color of skin.
Recently I went out for shopping for my kid in a big branded store, there I found separate bed time story for boy and girls... Are you serious guys bed time stories are also different for boys and girls. I never got this why blue is for boys, and pink for girls?
Treat boy and girl equally, allotment of house chores should be equal. Boy should know how to manage home (this way you’re helping your future daughter in law) and girl should know about worldly affairs.
Freedom to Choose their Life: Never force your child to live their life as per your standard. Let them be free bird, give them wings to fly. Few of parents want their kids to fulfil their own dreams, which they can’t achieve in their own life. Let the child decide what he wants for himself. Parents want their children to select particular stream for their study and career. Parent want to select life partners for their children. They are independent enough, if you give them right values and education, children will never let you down. Parents have to trust their children, it’s their life and they will also have one life to live. It’s completely fine if they want to become dancer, or photographer or player instead of doctor and engineer. Everybody cannot become Einstein or A.P.J Abdul kalam Azad or Sachin Tendulkar. Accept your child the way they are, love them and respect their decisions.

Freedom to talk and Express: Freedom to speak and share their opinion or express their view is everyone’s right... then why not children have this fundamental right. In our household kids are considered of less importance. People think kids don’t know what is right or what is wrong. Give them chance to share their views and opinion and you never know you will get the better ideas from them. Involving them in decision will boost up their confidence, and this will further help in future. They will learn risk taking and start making their own decisions. Let them express their feelings if they don’t feel good about anything give them chance to express their feeling... Be their friend with them to certain extent so that they will come to you and tell you what is going on in their life. They can share their innermost feelings with you.
Many parents tell their boys not to cry, according to them boys are tough and that they cannot express their feelings in front of others. Let them express their emotions, crying doesn’t make your boy any weaker than others…

Freedom with Responsibility: “With freedom comes great responsibility.”  If parents are giving equal freedom to their kids. It’s become their responsibility to use it wisely. It’s parent’s duties to teach them if we are giving you freedom, it means we trust you and your actions. By giving them freedom we are believing in their course of action. Children should never take their freedom for granted. Now it’s their duty to prove their parents right, and parent should always keep check them on their actions and whenever it is required you should help them and teach them.

Parents should trust their children and believe in their dream. Children need little support and then they will come out with flying colors. If they get fail in their actions,never discourage them,always support them. Give them new hopes and desires to fight back again,because we parents are their pillar of strength and support.
When a child is doing something she's passionately interested in,
she grows like a tree in all directions.
This is how children learn, how children grow.
They send down a taproot like a tree in dry soil. 
The tree may be stunted, but it send out these roots, 
 and suddenly one of these little taproots goes down and strikes a source of water .
And the whole tree grows. 
                                                                                   John Holt

This blogpost is a part of blogathon #letsdiscussfreedom. I would like to thanks Raaghvi introducing me.
Would like to introduce Jasmeet go and read her views on " Your take on giving freedom to kids."


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Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Just living is not enough…
One should have sunshine, freedom and a little flower
Hans Christine Andersen

We got freedom from the British India company long ago, our freedom fighters sacrificed their life and family for the wellbeing of fellow countrymen, so that their future generations can live in a free space without any fear of life…After freedom Indian economy grew amazingly, saw the high of its time and still we are growing at jet space. But what about the freedom, this technology which is meant for the benefit of mankind, or to simplify one’s life has slowly become the dictator of our life, and we people become the slaves of our own developed technology. Technology which was meant as a boon, became bane. In our daily life we depend for everything on the technology-based product, in every nook and corner of our house we can find the technology accustomed and customized things.

Technology is a useful servant,
 but dangerous master.
Christian lans lounge

1.Freedom from Gadgets: Our life is totally depending on gadget these days, from the dawn to dusk we are engrossed in technology. We are virtually connected to people, family and friends but do we actually talk to them or do we really care about them…We are one touch away from them but our hearts are distant apart, technology not only makes our life simpler but gives us new era diseases which is popularly known as sedentary lifestyle diseases.
What an irony I’m writing about technology hazards and myself using phone and laptop.

2.Freedom from Pollution: Our own created slave is now destroying our mother nature. Hazardous emission of gases from vehicles and factories are making our environment polluted, which is not safe for our future generations. Rivers are getting polluted by the waste from chemicals by factories and industries which is not only endangering the life of water species but also of human being who are drinking that water. The funny part is this we used technology to disturb the ecological balance, and now again we are using technology-based products to rectify the problems. The air which is highly poisonous in certain areas of India and in during winter season the weather is not suitable for people, we are using air purifier to clean the air which is again not good at certain extent. And the most toxic waste that we are leaving in the environment is E-waste. Electronic waste adversely effects human health and environment.

3.Freedom from Plastics: Plastic pollution is caused by accumulation of plastic in the environment which adversely affect wild life, marine life and human habitat. Nowadays we are using plastics everywhere, milk was delivered at our door step in plastic bags. Vegetable and fruits are packed in the polythene and are easily available to us. Presence of BPA in plastic products cause serious health issues in human being. We are using non-disposable diapers, and wipes for the babies and kids which in turn disturbing our ecological balance. Every household is full of these plastic and poly bags. If the plastic bags are not disposed of properly and throw here and there, they can make landfill barren.

4.Freedom from Adulteration: Mixing of any type of chemical and pathogens in food to increase the quantity of food in raw form or prepared form, but they loss the quality standard is known as adulteration. People for their own use adding the adulterant in food items which is affecting the health of kids, adults and old people. Adulteration is not only in food but the medicines also, people are making adulterate medicine which are causing negative effects on the health of people.

5.Freedom from Rage: Yes, I literally meant “Rage” which means violent and uncontrollable anger. Today’s generation people are so violent that they can’t control their anger. Everyday we heard about road rage, air rage and there are so many types of rage. What is the cause of this rage?  The Answer is hidden emotions, when we didn’t express our feelings and emotions, and confined ourselves.  The sudden outburst of emotions in violent manner is rage. Technology took the human emotions away, we are so much engrossed in the technicality that we lost all the feelings of love, care, sadness and anger. We forgot to emote or express our feelings.

I know the conditions has become worst but still there are chances of improvement. Before becoming mother even, I didn’t care much about all these things. But now I realize the importance and usefulness of mother nature and environment. We can also leave something good for our future generation, so that they can also survive happily.
When there is a will, there is a way.
The solution to every problem is very simple:
Reduce the use of technology.
Start Reusing things.
Recycle the products.
Express your feelings
These 3 R’s & 1 E can save our environment and it will again became better place to live.
This is my idea of freedom to make our society and environment free from all the hazardous things and make it a beautiful and wonderful place for kids to live and enjoy it.

This blog is a part of blogathon #letsdiscussfreedom i would like to thank Raaghvi to introduce me.

I would like to introduce Jasmeet , go and read her views on the prompt.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Baby Photoshoot.

"Photography takes an instant out of time,
altering life by holding it still."
by:Dorothea Lange

Nowadays photoshoot has become important call of the life,whenever you open your Facebook or instagram account you will get to see lots of pictures of prewedding shoot,maternity shoot,baby's shoot.Earlier we didn't know this term actually,photoshoot basically meant for the models or promotions of some commodity or products but now the era has changed we are in 21st century so anyone can do phooshoot anywhere.
But i thinks it's a very good thing that came into existence for the common people the technology has developed so much that big cameras which cameraman were using earlier with different types of lenses are available now in small and readily form.I didn't know much about camera and photography so i am not the right person to write about it more,lets come back to our original topic photo shoot.What i remembered when i was a child either on every birthday or new year we go to these photo studio near our place all dressed up in our best clothes and get clicked by the photographer in the signature pose (children were sitting in their parents lap) and some later we got this kodak camera which had that black reel inside and we can click maximum 36 photos from it and then give it to studio to develop and if by mistake the reel got exposed to sunlight or anything all the photos will gone this happened with me twice and thrice.
Photo shoot really helped us to store the memories of our particular celebrations and the amazing part is the candid pictures they are awesome we got all the pictures with the natural expressions,i really like the concept of photo shoot though with our mobile cameras daily we clicked the pictures of our self and baby but amateur like me never get that perfect shot but this shoot photography come like sigh of relief to us.
On Arinjay's first birthday we planned to do a photo shoot of him with all the family members so that we can save the memories of his birthday with the grandparents and parents in the most  beautiful way.There are the some pointers that we have to consider before doing the shoot which i would like to share with you all.
1.Plan Your Action: Plan all your things before hand so that you will be stress free on the day of shoot which is very important.
  1. What do you want from this shoot discuss with the photographer?
  2. What is your requirement from the shoot?
  3. How you want your pictures to be come out?
  4. If you have any pictures or reference show it to your photographer so that they get the idea what you want from them? 
2.Selection of Photographer:             "It is the photographer,
        not the camera,
             That is the Instrument."
The Most important aspect of photo shoot "the Photographer" she/he is the one who makes your ordinary looking picture into a picturesque portrait.Certain pointers you should keep in mind before the selection of photographer.
  1. Crosscheck or verify the past work of photographer go through their page so you get an idea about their work.
  2. Second important thing is to know they carry which type of camera and lenses if you didn't have any idea about camera and lenses than take the person who knew anything about it.
  3. Discuss the time of the shoot with photographer your kid is comfortable in morning or evening,best time for shoot is between 4-6 pm by that time your kid is settled done with the feed  and nap.
  4. Discuss about the charges at earliest and finalize them according to your budget.if their is any hidden cost please discuss it earlier so that it didn't create any ruckus later.
  5. You should at-least talk to 2-3 photographers so that you can compare and select the best.
  6. It's always better to ask for soft and hard copy.
3. Selection of place:It's your choice whether to do your shoot inside or outside,choose the place as per your and your child convenience .If your kid is fine with outdoor setup than  nothing is better than that,picture always comes beautiful in natural light,And at home or at studio they will feel more safe and secure with their near and dear ones.Parks are best place for the shoot and there you will get swing and slides where baby can enjoy if they get bored while doing shoot and you will get some real time candid moments.

4.Decoration and Prop preparation: Decorate the room as per your theme that you have decided for the shoot and discuss further about your theme and decorations with the photographer.Decorate the room with buntings,banners,monthly pictures of baby,and balloons but be careful with the balloons as when they burst the child may get scared from the sound.Prepare the props whatever you required for your photo shoot,do not over do the decorations and don't add so much props because sometimes child get distracted with them but always kept their favorite toys,and book.

5.Dress Selection and and Change:Select the dress of your kids and yours as per the theme,don't overdo its baby's photo shoot let him/her be the center of attraction.Choose the comfortable,soft and cottony dress in which he/she feels fine,dress with more of sequins work and glitters can cause irritation and rashes to them and choose the dress as per the weather and time of the day.If its summer than soft and cottony dress is fine but in winter you required layers for them in form of nice jackets and sweaters with cute bunny caps.Your whole family can twin the dress with the kid,twinning is so much in fashion these days.Go for only 2-3 change more than that will irritate your child and than he will not cooperate with you in the shoot

6.Make Child Comfortable: This happened with us Baby AJ was not comfortable with one of the member of photography team when he saw he started crying so first we make him comfortable with that guy so that AJ can enjoy the shoot without being cranky.
  • If your going outdoor for the shoot take your child favorite food item,water bottle,favorite toys,book and one extra toy for him/her.
  • Always keeps your baby carrier handy if your baby wants to be with you can easily snuggle him in it and can offer feed also.
  • Photo shoot is a tiring process if baby wants to take nap in between let him/her take their own sweet little time because when they got will be more relaxed and refreshed and full of energy.
  • Photo shoot is outside or inside let them explore the place than you will get more beautiful candid don't force them to sit at place and pose for you.
7.Enjoy the shoot: Whatever or how precisely you plan there will be some lacuna's so just stop worrying and enjoy whether its your baby's first birthday shoot or newborn shoot,this is time which you can capture in the reel forever and ever.We really enjoyed our baby's first birthday shoot with the family and i am looking forward for more shoots together.
                                                Live life
take pictures
relive memories

I hope you like my blog on photo shoot i tried to catch up all the point if i missed something please pour you advice and suggestion.Show some love by leaving your comments.
Being Ma

Monday, 13 November 2017

A Letter to Son

Dearest Son
 Ma loves you a lot more than you can imagine of,you are the reason of my smile,laugh and cry nowadays you make my life more beautiful and fill it with vivid colors.You make me more responsible and sensible woman after having you my life got the new meaning and dimensions,you make my life worth living.
On the day of your birth i was quite tensed and anxious because my was little complicated pregnancy but when i heard your cry for the first all the pains,tensions gone in the vain,i was not the first one to hold you in my arms when we met after almost one hour and i saw you first i was totally amazed and astonished i had never ever seen such a cute and beautiful baby in my whole life, after holding you first time in my arms and when the nurse kept you besides me for the first feed i felt so complete and my eyes were full of joyous tear.

You are the answers to my prayers of five long years and the most wonderful outcome of my struggles that i faced before having you.After your birth i was so confused how to i handle you and how will i take care of my little bub,you were so tiny my squish that i was afraid of you to lift and hold.But you are a one strong baby you not only understood me very well but supported me also you never ever cried for the whole night or never wake up int he middle of night and start playing.

You are such a happy go lucky baby every morning you woke up with broad smile on your face and whole days smiles and laugh and make my motherhood journey more joyous and full of fun.
Slowly and gradually we both started understand each other and become best of buddies and now after one year only looking at your face i can understand what going on in your mind and you too know me very well because you are the one who knows how my heart sounds from inside.

You are the one made our house into home,now my place is full of laughter,giggles and fun.You makes our every morning very special and nights more cheerful.Me and your papa enjoying the  parenthood at its fullest,I didn't know where this last one year has gone from a tiny little squish now you have grown up into a toddler.You are growing up way too fast my baby please be little slow let me love you,hug you and kiss you little more.

On your first birthday i wish you all the happiness,love health and fun in abundance.I wish you all the success in your life but at the same time i wish you never get afraid of failures accept them they are the parts and parcels of life make your own mistake and learn from them and stand up again to achieve more bigger success in your life.I wish you work as hard as possible but party as harder as you can,and never miss the fun essence of your life be a little childish always don't let this this harsh and rude society to ruin your innocence.

I wish you can differentiate what is right and what is wrong and always take stand for your own decisions,do not get influenced by other think,repeat and act.I wish you always give respect to your elders and love to the little ones but you should know to whom you have to give respect and love it will be never enforced on you it will be always your choice.I wish you to be more kind,humane and sane towards the every strata of the society.

I know you are very small to understand all this things but still i wish you all this that when you grow up into an individual you will understand what your mommy wants to convey.I want you to know that i love you to the moon and back,you are the apple of my eye,you are the most most special person of my life.

I gave birth to you,but you didn't come with instructions.
I know i made mistakes along the way,and for those i am sorry.
I pray you understand that they came from me not a lack of love.
From the moment you were born my heart was yours.
I looked in your eyes and saw all my dreams and hopes come alive in you.
I love you more than you will ever know!
For now for always.

Happy first birthday Arinjay
Lots of love
Your Mommy.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Mundan Ceremony

Mundan is also known as baby first hair cut which is performed within the completion of 1st year or -+3rd year of age ans is performed with some rituals and rites.Some people say hair from birth is related to past lives and undesirable traits,the child is shaven to signify freedom from the past and moving into the future.

Significance of Mundan:

1)Improves the growth of the baby's hair.

2)Helps relieve headaches and pains caused by teething.

3)Helps to keep baby's head cool

4)Cleanses the child body and soul.

5)Protect the child from evil eye.

6)Bestows a long life and a good future.

7)Rids the baby of his past life negativity..

So we decided to plan our baby's mundan before his birthday at our ancestral town in Madhya pradesh. The day we choose was the auspicious asthami teethi (eighth day of navratri).We packed our bags as you all know with baby it was very tough to do packing so i started the preparations one week prior so at the last moment there will be less chaos,mess up is compulsory part of my travelling or else i felt something is missing,it is a goodluck charm for me.From pune we went to mumbai by taxi then from mumbai to jabalpur,from jabalpur to katni and finally from katni to matwari (ancestral place) it's a very small village and to my surprise google is showing this tiny village in the map.If we want we could take train directly to katni, it will take 16-18hrs to reach there but it was me who wanted to keep it comfortable and simple but it became little hectic for the baby,i think sometimes i should listen to my husband ,he is not always wrong but mind you he is not always right.But anyways we finally reached our destination of mundan.

After his birth baby AJ is first time going to meet his great grandmother she lives there only,this is his first visit to village and mine second.I really like the village far away from the hustle and bustle of city surrounded by greenery,full of fresh air,sunlight,vegetables,fruits and water.In the backyard only they plant so many veggies for their regular use.Some rooms of house is made up mud,soil and stone and mind part is much cooler than the other part which is made up from cement and bricks.

We performed the pooja and havan of our goddess here offer prasad and bhog seeking for her blessing for the wellbeing of everyone in the family.On 28th sep 2017 after performing our family rituals we started the ceremony of mundan.Im ny family Mundan is performed in the temple near some water bodies by the barber,My baby's mundan is performed in shiv temple where the first hair cut of my father in law and his elder brother was performed and by the same barber who shaved my father in law head.The barber was so excited as he got the chance to shave the head of 3rd generation of the family,before starting the mundan we took the blessings of lord shiva.

Baby AJ sat in my lap and to divert his attention from the shaving i handed him his favourite toy so that he get busy playing with it and luckily my trick works,he was so engrossed in it that he didn't even look up and cried during the ceremony,in ours tradition when barber shave the head of baby his aunt (sister in law) has to take the hair in the kneaded dough and afterward it would be put tin some pond or lakes i don;t have any idea why they did this but i think instead of putting here and there the dough will eaten by fishes so they will get their food and some good deeds is done by us.After getting shaved turmeric (Haldi) and oil paste is put on the baby's head so whatever minor cut they got will be get cured.

Some points to be considered before performing the mundan ceremony:

1) Make sure your baby is full because all the rituals take time,if he/she is hungry she will not cooperate with you and will cry their lungs out.

2)Always carry their favorite toy or toys to keep them engage.

3)Please take extra pair of clothes and diapers for them because after performing the mundan change is required.

4)Carry their water bottle or sippy cups/sippers whatever you have so they can sip water.

5)Experienced barber is required so make the arrangement prior.

6) Get your camera ready to click the pictures for your memories.

I know my baby is not going to remember all these but it's always good to perform your customs and traditions so by seeing the pictures they will understand the importance of these thing in our life.We are living in a very fast pace life where no one has time for others but by performing all these function we remain connected to our roots and got to learn so much from elders about our customs and tradition and may be can inculcate some values in our little ones.Most importantly get chance to meet family and relatives from whom we haven't met in ages.

Resources:Wikipedia and baby center

Thursday, 21 September 2017


As the navratri festival is approaching we are going to celebrate the nine days of the famous goddess Durga. We celebrate these by performing rituals,keeping fast,by putting earthen pots (ghat) with jowar(sorghum) in it.In Gujarat people celebrate by playing garba and dandiya and in west Bengal they celebrate the festival by decorating pandals,scripture recitation,performance arts and taking out processions.Whole India is celebrating this festival of Ma durga worshipping the nine different goddesses.Who is Ma Durga? She is the Adi Shakti warrior goddess who combat the demons who tried to demolishes the peace,and prosperity. But she is a woman first who creates,nurtures and demolishes the evil.A woman  can play so many roles in her life.She can be grand mother,mother in law,mother,daughter,sister,wife,friend and so many other roles.

Woman is also known as Janani,she is the only one who can give birth to the new life,nurture and develop,imparts moral value in the tiny little squish and turns into a sensible human being,who runs the society.

Woman is also known as Annapurna you give him cereals she will turn into food to eat for you and your family,she will keep herself hungry but try to feed everyone before and she will get full be seeing you eating and relishing the food.She also make sure to prepare food not only the family members but also for pets and in during old days they used to prepare one extra chapati for the cows.

Woman is also known as Saraswati,she is our first teacher(guru) who guides us from how to eat,walk and learn,whether she is literate or not but she knows how to guide you in every good and bad phase of your life.She is our guiding light in the darkest of the darkest situation.

Woman is Lakshmi who not only manage household but plan the budget very tactfully,she knows how to save before spending,she believes in the concept of a penny save is a penny earn.She can be the bread winner for the family at the same time by organizing her work meticulously.

Woman is a Shakti she only looks soft from outside but very tough from inside.She is the one can stand against any odds and never led anyone to destroy integrity of hers and her family.She likes a warrior protect her family and dear ones.

Woman is Dhanvantri she know the remedy of every disease,she know how to take care of everyone from small to big.Her touch can heal the wounds and diseases.

Woman is a Radha she is an epitome of love,she knows how to love selflessly without any worldly  desires.Her love can be in any form as a mother,sister,wife and daughter,she has got immense amount of love for every relationship in her life.

Woman is a Sita  she can sacrifice herself and her desires for the family's sometimes woman is considered synonymous to sacrifice.

This is what I considered a woman is,she is a creator,nurturer and a destroyer. As a woman this is my perspective towards woman (Naari) may be some of you agree and some won't please add on your suggestions if you want. Navratri is a festival of women so lets all celebrate the womanhood by respecting and loving the woman inside you.

Jai Mata Di

Picture Resource:Google Images

Saturday, 16 September 2017

10 things you should do during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of every woman's life whether it's her pregnancy,second,third and so on....Not only a tiny human being is growing inside her,a whole new world of love and challenges are waiting for her.So it is the moral duty of everyone to pamper  and praise het at utmost so that she can cherish this nine months for whole life.
There are the few things which I listed a woman should do before baby arrival.I am first time mommy so I think one should know about all these things so that it can help other would be mommies.There are so many bloggers who already mentioned the essential about mommy to be but this is my version which I think is very necessary.
1. Routine check up
2.Daily Dose of vitamins
3.Register yourself for prenatal yoga or in gym
4.Eat wisely
5.Be with your partner
6.Baby Moon
7.Maternity photo shoot
8.Develop Hobby
10.Talk to your baby

Routine Check Up: Every time go for regular checkup to doctor's clinic,never miss the date of your doctor's visit,sonogram and other examination.Its not only about you but about your  baby's well being also.Follow each and every advice of your doctor because she is one who knows your body and your baby's condition inside out.Whatever queries,doubts and any misconceptions you have or some agony aunt advice you some weird thing,She is one who will guide you correctly about everything.When I was pregnant I never miss any of y appointment with the doctor,done with all the blood related,took all the injections though I'm highly afraid of them and every sonogram.She is one who supports and guide me at every step and always solved my query and doubt,give me the best advise she can.
And one thing more I would like to include here that please don't google too much about your signs or symptoms about the test which doctor ask you to perform.This happened with me as I was in my early 30's when I got pregnant and doctor told me to do this NT(Nuchal Translucency)Test.I didn't discuss much about it with doctor and googled about the test,google shares the information in wider perspective I got so tensed after reading about the test and started crying,those three days were like hell for me everybody was saying nothing is going to happen everything will be fine but I got relaxed after getting the reports and doctor advice not to google much more.

Daily Dose of Vitamins:
Daily take all your supplements whether you are liking it or not. They are very essentials for you and growing baby. Doctor prescribed me with hormonal tablets , Iron , Folic acid and calcium doses. I felt super nostalgic after taking iron tablets. My first trimester experience was not good.I am hyper emesis gravidrum , so whatever I gulp inside , within few minutes it comes out . Coming back to topic.
Hormonal Tablets : If your hormone counts are less , Doctor will put you on  hormonal therapy, which is not only good for you but helps in the development of baby and in some cases avoid miscarriages.
Iron and Folic acid : To reduce the risk of anemia in pregnant lady. Iron deficient or anamia in pregnant ladies increases the risk of complications such as :
 Premature birth
 Low birth weight baby
Calcium : Pregnant lady requires calcium because baby needs calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Calcium helps your baby grow healthy heart , nerves and muscles as well as develop normal heart rhythm and fighting blood clotting abilities.
Calcium can reduce your risk of hypertension and predampsia and if you don't get enough calcium in your diet when you are pregnant , your baby will drain it from your bone which may impair your own health.

Register yourself for Prenatal Yoga/ Exercise
Be active during pregnancy as you were earlier. Pregnancy is not any illness. It's a a beautiful journey of woman towards the mommy hood. You can register yourself for any form of exercises like pilates which is very famous form nowadays,prenatal yoga,walk or anything in which you are comfortable but most importantly you  have to take permission from your doctor and perform under professional trainer who has the proper knowledge  of prenatal exercise and yoga .Walk is the best form of exercise you can do if you don't have any access to any other facilities but it should be brisk walk not the sprint.There are so many benefits of exercise which also i have listed down:
1.Good Sleep
2.Boost your energy and stamina
3.Eases back pain
4.Reduce the stress.
5.You get back easily and faster into pregnancy shape.

Eat Wisely: "Never Eat For Two" Those who say this only misguiding us,have whatever you were eating earlier only but one thing you have to do is to eat more healthy and nutritious food and eat in portions.
During pregnancy you have to increase the intake of fruits,vegetables and legumes.
Have daily dose of soaked dry fruits.
Coconut water is also very good during pregnancy.
Have a proper glass of milk daily with protein powder in it.
During my pregnancy days i used to have only home cooked food as much as possible the reason is im hyperacidic that time so cant tale much of outside food though i love too,but whenever possible i had it but during day time only as in after if i had something outside i'll puke out everything so that why i preferred homemade food but in depends on woman to woman didn' t have any issues and they gulped down whatever they want to have and i always drooled after seeing my friends during that time.
whenever you go outside for doctor visit or mall it is always advisable to carry your tiffin (dabba) with you.So that you will get less exposed to outside food,if you're comfortable with outside eating go for it and have whatever you like and want but be moderate in your portion never do overeating it can cause bloating or acidity which is not good for you.But please make sure you satisfied all your cravings whether its chocolate,icecream or pani puri it reduces your stress.

Be with your partner :

Pregnancy is a great balance in life. It brings out the worst mood swing in a wife and the best levels of tolerance in a husband.
Being with your partner helps you in making your bond stronger. He will also gradually learn his responsibilites towards you and your baby. A baby wants mother but he needs a father too. Always take your partner with you for the doctor's visit and sonogram so he will also witness the small life glowing insideyou and this helps him getting emotionally attached towards baby.
This is the time when he will fulfill all your demands , don't mind your mood swings and handle you with utmost care and lovebut please don't throw the unneccessary tantrums as he is also going through emotional and mental ups and downs. As suddenly from boy to husband and then becoming father is also not easy for him.
In my case I didn't stay with my partner after 4 monthsas I have some complications and he has to travel a lot , so I shift my base to my mother's place so that they can take care of me and I also get good company of people around. I enjoyed every bit of my mine at my mother's place but really missed him and his presence. He always make sure he will be there around for every sonography or doctor visit ( which is not possible) but every month he used to visit me and pampered me a lot with gifts and all.
But yes we both miss each others presence. In my opinion , you should always be with your partner during this wonderful period.

 Baby Moon : 
A baby moon is a relaxing vacation taken by couples who are expecting a child. One should definitely go for baby moon because it's the last time you are going as a couple before becoming parents. But one should be properly planning their baby moon. Couple usually go for baby moon during the second trimester of pregnancy where there is no complications and pre-term birth risk is at lowest.
Before going to baby moon , you should check with your Doctor that you are ready and fit to travel . Take proper medical fitness certificate from her and then travel. If you are going by flight , then some airlies require your medical fitness certificate.
Plan a proper vacation as per your condition. Book a hotel and car in advance so you will not have any problems after reaching your destination. If possible book a luxurious hotel for yourself where they have facility of SPA , swimming and other outdoor activites, so that you can pamper yourseves and relax there. Spend quality time with your partner . Discuss all future plans for your baby arrival so that you will get to know each other more better and that will help you in making your bond stronger, not only as a couple but also as a parent.

Maternity Photoshoot :
Both baby moon and maternity photo shoot theme come from the west but are now very popular in India also.Best Time to do shoot is 36 or 37th week of your pregnancy when your baby bump is showing more promptly.But try to take the pictures of every week if possible so that you can see the difference in yourself and how beautifully  your bump is growing and make the soft copy so whenever you can want you can relive the moment gain and again.Before selecting the photographer for photo shoot you should keep all this points in your mind and do tha advance preparation of everything on your D day everything will go smoothly
1. Theme based
2. Budget
3. Experience
4. Candid shots
5. Soft copy and hard copy
6. Dress

Develop a Hobby: Develop a hobby during pregnancy helps you to keep your mind active and you come to know the creative side of yourself and enhance your baby's development also.You can try your hands in learning music,solving puzzles,painting and cooking whatever you like.During my pregnancy days i started coloring i found this adult book of coloring and got sketch pens and pencils colors and starts coloring,it helps as a stress buster for me and whenever i got bored or negative thoughts try to overcome me i just start coloring.I like cooking but during my pregnancy i got this urge from inside to start cooking some scrumptious dishes for myself and family so i just googled and search videos on you tube and tried my hands on cooking and sometimes it really turns out well.After having baby we didnt get much time fot outing so now also i am doing my experiments on my poor husband.

Read: If you are a reader than you will get ample time to read during pregnancy whatever you like to read just read,according to Garbh Sanskar ,it is beileved that reading educative books during pregnancy will pass on the wisdom to the child.

Talk to your Baby: The most popular ways to communicate with your baby is caressing,talking and singing.You should talk to baby daily about your routine,your family,food and what special you did on that day.Tell your baby daily that you love her/him and always there to protect him/her and how happy you are to have him/her in your life.Communicating to baby stimulate their senses and contribute to their mental and physical growth. We all know about Krishna and Abhimanyu story in Subhadra's womb he learnt the strategy how to break the chakravuyh.So talking to your baby not only stimulate the senses but also make your bond strong with your  baby.
 This is all from my side i tried to complied all the things which i learnt during my pregnancy,hope this help would be mommies.If you have anything new to add please feel free to pour suggestions.

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